Breakthrough Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Non-surgical, drug free, foot pain relief and nerve regeneration program

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Are you struggling with any of the following?

Pins & needles in feet


Tingling or burning sensations

Problems with balance

Weakness in the legs & toes

Pain that keeps you up at night

Feels like your walking on sand or pebbles

Foot or calf cramping

Extreme sensitivity to touch

Feels like you're wearing socks or gloves when your not

We help with over 17 different types of neuropathy symptoms!

Here’s why we’re different:

While drugs only aim to make you more comfortable, we address the underlying cause, so that the body is allowed to heal the way it was designed to.

Our unique approach to neuropathy is why people travel from around the country to receive our treatments and get our help.

If neuropathy and its causes are left untreated, the damage can lead to

limb amputation or worse.

  • Decrease risk of amputation

  • Decrease swelling in the legs

  • Reduce pain

  • Better balance

  • Avoid significant future health problems

  • Jumpstart the body's own healing process

Our process is simple:


Schedule a consultation


Receive a customized

treatment plan just for you.


Get lasting results.

Keep your independence and get back to life!